Shake Shack, Covent Garden

I love a good burger.

What makes a good burger for me is the meat patties. It must contain a high percentage of fatty meat (not flour based), grilled to perfection according to your liking, and should be juicy when you take a bite. Shake shack makes such patties.

The menu says the patties are “cooked medium unless otherwise requested”. I normally like my patties medium to well done (I don’t like the look of raw mince meat), but the patties at Shake Shack are quite thin (we’re talking approx 1cm thickness, rather than inches like GBK or Byron patties) so I didn’t need to worry much about raw meat.

This here, is their “Cheeseburger” (£4.75) – as a standard it comes with a single meat pattie, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion. I added Shack Sauce for an extra £1

IMG_6115 IMG_6120

Sorry about the grainy photos – my phone camera does not cope well with low lighting

The buns are super soft, and tastes almost like a sweet bun, rather than regular burger buns. The veggies are fresh, and cheese (cheddar, I think) melts just the right amount and gives a soft cushiony feel just before you hit the meat. Good meat-bun-veg ratio. Overall, it’s a pretty damn good cheeseburger.

The burger looks quite small, but it’s actually quite filling. I’d say if you plan to get sides (see below) then a single decker is good enough for an average eater, otherwise go for double patties.

Hubby opted for hot dogs:


It’s a very small hot dog, but packed with quality. The sausage alone is OH MY GOD. It’s meaty, spicy, smoky, and grilled to perfection. It tastes more like a chorizo than a hot dog sausage. We love chorizos, so we may be a bit biased here.

The hot dog bun is again well grilled. The condiments aplenty – tomato, cucumber, pickle, chilli, a load of onions, and some really tasty green sauce.

Now, the sides:

IMG_6117 IMG_6119

You can get two types of fries: normal (left in above picture) or cheesey (right). The fries are crinkle cuts, so that’s a +10 points for us.

For drinks, we ordered the “fifty-fifty” – that is 50% lemonade and 50% iced tea. This was the biggest let-down. You can’t taste the lemonade… and you can only barely taste the iced tea. So it tastes more like a diluted iced tea. Not worth it at all. Don’t get it unless you like diluted iced tea.

Overall, it’s a good burger/hot-dog meal. If you’re in covent garden and crave a good burger, go for it. They have a no reservation policy though, and there seems to always be a queue. However, the queue does move pretty quickly, so you may only need to wait 15-30 mins before you can enjoy this US-franchise burger house.

Menu, location, etc: