Amaya, Belgravia

We have dined at a few Michelin-starred restaurants before – but they have all been French inspired. This is our first Michelin dining with Indian flavour. We liked it.

Like most restaurants in this area, Amaya is elegantly decorated. You walk in to a combination of black, red, wood, and crystal decorations – very pretty. At the far end of the restaurant is the open kitchen consisting of grilling station (char coal for their signature grill dishes), tandoori station (for their naans and tandooris) and salad station. The curries, stir-fries, and biryanis are made in a kitchen area you cannot see.

Other than the normal 2-4-6 tables, they have a high stool long table (seems great for a large casual group), and a private dining room downstairs for a more fancy group dining. We were seated a few tables from the grilling station, and it can get smoky at times. The chairs look nice, but not comfortable. The seats slope in a way that if you lean back it looks like you’re slumped from eating too much – not a good look.

Again, like most restaurants in this area, the menu items are NOT cheap. We opted for a special weekend lunch menu, which includes 7 items + naan for £30 per person (£26 per person + 12.5% service charge). This is quite reasonable for a Michelin star restaurant. If that last sentence sounds pretentious, please re-read it in a factual tone of voice.

You get a good amount of food, so you will walk out quite stuffed. The set menu doesn’t include their signature amazing-looking-and-very-expensive grilled jumbo prawns. Order it if you can afford it – it really looks amazing. It’s just a bit too expensive for our budget.

So here’s what you get:


  1. Stir-fried green beans with garlic, ginger, and coconut. Flavour seems to be oriental inspired. Light, simple, delicious.
  2. Fluffy naan – indian bread cooked in tandoori oven. The dough is placed on the side wall of a tandoori oven (apparently temperature in there is scorching hot), which gives the crispy base. I love food with good texture – give me crispy & fluffly in one bite and I’ll fall in love every time.
  3. Chicken thigh, bone-in, covered in amazing-coriandery-i-don’t-know-what marinade. You guessed it, grilled to perfection. HIGHLIGHT OF THE MEAL.
  4. Fish coated with spice & coconut, grilled to perfection, and topped with sun-dried tomato.collage2
  5. Mushy spinach. This is extremely tasty. My hubby is not a fan of spinach, but he could not stop raving about this dish.
  6. Grilled potatoes, crispy on the outside, light & fluffy on the inside. Flavoured with garlic, chilli, cumin (i think), and some other magical spices. We love potatoes, but this, this is out of this world.
  7. Lamb shish kebab, with some carroty-tamatoey filling. Not my favourite dish, but then again, we were quite full at this point (thanks to the amazing potatoes).
  8. Chicken biryani, served in a container where the lid is sealed by dough (I think it’s called “dum” but don’t quote me). We were fully stuffed when this was served, but we do not say no to biryani in our household. The rice grains are elegantly thin & long (1 inch, I shit you not) with some yellow grains perfectly blending in. Served with pomegranate raita (yoghurt) with rose petal sprinkles.

No dessert because there’s simply no room.

You walk out full to the brim and satisfied.

Menu, location, etc:

Note: their website is extremely hard to navigate. Set menu prices scatter on various pages. Menu is NOT available on the website.