Gymkhana, Mayfair

I’ve been wanting to visit Gymkhana for a few months now, but struggled to get a booking for early dinner slots. Understandable, considering it’s a Michelin star restaurant, named National restaurant of the year 2014, and has rave reviews.

The restaurant interior is very elegant and has a formal feel to it, with dark polished wood floor & furniture. We were seated near a boar’s head, which I found a little weird. I’m not usually comfortable around animal heads on a wall.

Despite being there in the time slot that would allow us to order from the set menu (£30 for 4 courses – only available if you order between 5.30pm – 6pm), we chose to go a la carte, because the menu looks more exciting than the set menu.

As things with high expectations go, Gymkhana lead us to a disappointing finish. Don’t get me wrong, the dishes we ordered were nice, but they just didn’t quite hit the spot for us. For one thing, the quantity does not match the price tag. I mean I understand fancy restaurants serving small portion of food on a massive plate, but Gymkhana goes the extra mile to ensure the portion is ridiculously small. And it wouldn’t be so bad if the small portions are packed with flavours. Let’s be honest here, a £20 bowl of curry should literally blow your mind. Our minds were not blown.

For starters:


  • Potato Chat, Chickpeas, Tamarind, Sev. Potatoes are crispy, chickpeas are crispy, sev (tiny deep fried noodles) are crispy – good texture combination. Tamarind sauce is nice. £7
  • South Indian Fried Chicken Wings, Tomato Chutney. We call them chicken lollipops. They’re chicken nibbles where most of the meat gets scraped off the bone and pulled into a bunch at one end. The wings are beautifully seasoned then deep fried until crispy. Served with yummy tomato chutney. £6.5

For mains:


  • Malabar Jheenga Curry. Teeny weeny prawns in sweet & mild curry sauce. Ok. Not wow. £18
  • Suckling Pig Vindaloo. Teeny weeny pieces of pork in vindaloo sauce. Nice curry, not amazing. £20

Rice & bread:


Menu, location, etc: