Shoryu, Soho

At my last job in New Zealand, our office was located in the heart of Auckland city. This means easy access to a good variety of food options. There are a number of food courts within the proximity where you can get greasy Chinese food, mass produced sushi boxes (so good), fancy not-so-mass-produced sushi (expensive), pizzas, pasta, Thai food, north-eastern Thai food, Indian food, Indonesian food. All sorts. There are also great coffee shops, McDonalds, Subway, and healthy places selling healthy wraps for healthy people. Something for everyone.

We were lucky enough to have two amazing Ramen places nearby. The one I frequented is the one closest to the office, which is right across the road (the other one is a few mins walk away). I used to go there all the time, ordering my usual spicy pork ramen with half the noodles (because I’m always trying to cut down my carbs, of course – “trying” being the keyword here) and going back to work super satisfied after slurping down the perfect ramen noodles served in perfect spicy broth. Ahhhhhh…. good times.

Sorry, I digress.

We are not in New Zealand. This post is about ramen place in London, our new temporary home.

Shoryu has a few branches in London, and serves nice ramen. Not nice enough if you compare it with the ramen place in Auckland mentioned above… with the perfect stringy noodles… and the broth that tastes like you just died and had gone to ramen heaven….

Sorry, digressed again.

Shoryu ramen….


  • Ramen noodles: nice al-dente noodles, but a bit too clumped together. Seems to release part of the starch as your meal progresses and thickens your broth. This is undesirable.
  • Broth: lovely aromatic broth. Prone to getting thickened as the the noodles are tampered with. See above problem with the noodles.
  • Pork: tender, melts in your mouth. Wish I can eat just a kilo of those. Extra portions can be ordered.
  • Egg: soft, runny, creamy. Yolk melts in your mouth. A dear friend of ours has a theory on how this is made – carefully-timed boiling, then immediately dunking it in iced water. Seems complicated.

I love the wooden spoon they serve ramens with. It’s really awkward to hold, and really hard to drink soup with. Also the woodenness is likely to have hygiene-related issues. But they’re so cute. I love them.

On each table, you get unlimited supplies of white sesame seeds which can be freshly grounded over the noodles.

They also give you free garlic! Fresh garlic. As much as you want. Crushed and mixed into your broth improves it by 10 times (only if you love garlic like me obviously).

Oh… and we tried one of their starters….

photo 1

Steamed bun (light, soft, and fluffly – like eating cloud) with pork belly (melt in your mouth) and some vegetables. Oh so good. Would’ve been 10/10 if the bun-to-meat ratio is improved. They seem to go minimalist on meat here.

Menu, location, etc: