La Paradeta, Barcelona

“Fresh seafood” – two words that are music to my ears. To me, the best seafood are simply grilled, slightly charred so that someone at dinner party will make a comment about burnt stuff giving you cancer, and then everybody chow it down anyway. Seafood is best eaten (no arguments) with spicy Thai dipping sauce: lime juice, fish sauce, pounded garlic + chilli, and a bit of sugar. Team it up with hot steamy Thai jasmine rice and you have heaven.

If you’re in Barcelona and you love seafood you MUST go to La Paradeta. They do reasonably-priced fresh seafood. Great no-frills atmosphere. Just fresh seafood.

This is our second trip to Barcelona. The first visit was with a couple of travel-savvy friends. They’ve been to Barcelona before, so their main goal was to relax, enjoy the sun, the atmosphere, and the food. So they chilled out while we squeezed in as much sightseeing as possible, but we always ate together, and all the places they took us to had amazing food.

Our second trip was with my favourite auntie & uncle. We picked Barcelona because the landscape is flat-ish so it’s old-people friendly, the weather is good, and of course fresh seafood. We stayed in a beautiful apartment on Placa de Catalunya, which is a few minutes walk from La Ramblas shopping street. The itinerary was not packed with things to do and see, it was more relaxing and it was lovely.

The apartment owner recommended a few places to eat – one of them is La Paradeta.

The restaurant has a few branches (see link below), we went to the one in Born. It’s just behind the old Born market (Mercat del Born) which is now an archaeological site.


The queue is long. We had to wait for 30 mins before we got to order, but it was worth the wait.


When it’s your turn, you’re presented with an array of fresh fresh fresh seafood. Everything is sold by the kilo. You tell them how much/many of what you want. The lady behind the counter weighs the raw seafood, adds it to your bill, and sends it to the kitchen to be cooked.


You then move on to the cashier, where you order your drinks, bread, salad, sauce. After paying for the damage, you go and sit down and wait until your food is ready. The receipt has a number on it – this is your magic number. When your number is called, you go up to the kitchen counter and pick up your food. They’re not all ready in one go, so you’ll need to get up a couple of times.

Let’s see what we have here…


  • Top: Baby octopus, squid, and prawns. All grilled to perfection. Squid melts in your mouth.
  • Bottom left: Clams (I love clams) and razor clams
  • Bottom right: Side salad


  • Top left: Oysters (fresh & amazing) and i-don’t-know-what shells (I’m not so sure about this one)
  • Top right: Mussels. Not massive like NZ mussels, perfect size.
  • Bottom: Tiny octopus, deep fried to perfection. My auntie first ordered this somewhere else, and we all got hooked! Amazing amazing amazing. MUST ORDER!!!

All this, which is more than enough for 4 people came to just under 100 euros (including a few soft drinks).

If you’re in Barcelona please make it a point to go here. You will not be disappointed.

Menu, location, etc: