Chiltern Firehouse, Marylebone

If you read celebrity gossip news in the last few months, you would’ve heard of Chiltern Firehouse. If you haven’t, then just know it’s very hot right now. Voted number one restaurant in London after just one month of opening and frequented by celebrities, so it’s a bit of a mission to get a table here. We had to book a month in advance.

We were there for brunch on a weekend, and while we did not spot any famous people, the experience was thoroughly enjoyable.

The place is at number 1 on Chiltern street and used to be a fire brigade station, hence the name Chiltern Firehouse.

You first walk through the outdoor seating area, before getting channelled through a small walkway to the coat room lady. Then they checked our reservation, and showed us to the table. The waitresses here are in the cutest uniform ever. I don’t know how to describe it, but you can’t wear it unless you’re stick thin, it hugs all the curves and shows all the flabs. These people don’t have flabs.

We were a little early and the table was not ready, and they asked if we would like to wait at the kitchen bar. I LOVE kitchens, so this was perfect. Basically you’re sitting on bar stools, and your table wraps around the open kitchen. We were next to the salad station, which is next to the pasta station, and in front of the grilling station. It was amazing.


Let’s start with the highlight of the meal…..

photo 1

The most amazing caesar salad in the whole universe. Crisp lettuce lathered in amazing dressing, layered with crispy chicken skin and shaved parmesan. Amazing amazing amazing. We watched him make one after another after another. He must’ve made at least 30 bowls while we were there.


On the left is crab linguini, with lots of fried shallots, garlic, chilli, and loads of crab meat. Linguini cooked to perfection. I’ve tried to make this dish at home many times since then

On the right is hubby’s burger & fries.

Men. You take them to nice fancy restaurants and what do they order? Burger & fries.

photo 5

For dessert, we shared a dark chocolate tart with toasted hazelnut ice cream. YUM!!!!!

I wouldn’t say the food at Chiltern Firehouse is super amazing (except for the caesar salad), but you’re in for a fun experience. You’ll leave the restaurant feeling happy (and cool ;)) and will rave about it to your friends.

Now call them up and try to get a booking for next month. You won’t regret it!

Menu, location, etc:

p.s. the website doesn’t have the menu, but you can ask the restaurant to email it to you.