Petrus, Belgravia

Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant. One Michelin star. Reasonably-priced set lunch menu. Need I say more.

From the outside there’s nothing special about the restaurant, in fact we almost walked pass it. But once you enter you know that you’re in for a treat. The dining room is in a shape of a circle with tables dotted around the edge, with another circle in the middle where more tables running along the line, and finally right in the middle is an impressive looking wine cellar.


The waiting staff are either native French or able to speak fluent French. Maybe not surprising as they serve French food. Still, we find this fascinating.


  • Amuse bouche of gazpacho with goat’s cheese and asparagus. The gazpacho is poured at the table. Refreshing, and such a pretty glass bowl.
  • Bread, butter, and olive oil. You know you’re in good hands when they remember to bring oil upon learning that my hubby has lactose-free preference.
  • Carbonara. The pasta is served in a fritter-like form, topped with creamy confit whole egg yolk which sits in an enclosure made from a thin sheet of smoked pork belly. Amazing.
  • Poached salmon & egg with hollandaise sauce and bacon soil


  • Pork belly. Melts in your mouth. Perfect crispy skin.
  • Cod and mussels, served on saffron orzo and roasted green peppers.


  • Mother of all chocolates on a plate. Dark, milk, and white chocolates. Soft ones, hard ones, squidgy ones, sticky sheet ones, and moussey ones. This piece of art comes with hazelnut, biscuits, and strong whiskey jellies. Yum.
  • Fresh fruits with berry jelly, raspberry sorbet, basil drops, and meringue.
  • White chocolate balls, served with the misty effect of dry ice
  • Honeycomb. I’m never sure how you’re meant to eat honeycombs. They just stick to your teeth, then shrink, then forms a small ball that refuses to shrink any more, then you feel like you’re eating candle wax and have to spit it out.

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