Le Relais Gascon, Paris

We often hear that people go to Paris and feel disappointed when they see the actual Eiffel tower. A lot of people find it underwhelimg. A lot of our friends find it…. just meh. Same goes with seeing the Mona Lisa.

I love the Eiffel tower. I think it’s a pretty cool structure.

Did you know that the Eiffel tower was meant as a temporary structure, with the original plan of tearing it down after a few years of its construction? What a pretty temporary structure it is!

We did two walking tours the first time we went to Paris. The first one covers the usual Paris sights – the Lourve, Champs-Elysées, Notre Dame, and the many bridges on River Seine. The second walking tour was specifically for the Montmarte area where we saw the Moulin Rouge, listened to stories of famous artists like Picasso and Van Gogh, and saw the most gorgeous Basilica Sacré Coeur.

At the end of Montmarte tour, we asked the tour guide to recommend us a dinner place. Up to this point of our trip we had nothing but disappointing meals. We just picked all the places that look “local” but turn out to be just another tourist trap. Getting to try local food (with some rice meals in between) is one of our travel highlights. You see me depressed and literally deflated after a crap meal.

So the tour guide, who’s a petite French lady, told us she knows of a great salad place. We both laughed out loud, and said no, we want a proper meal. No salads.

She said non non non, their salad is not just vegetables. Their salads come with boiled egg, chicken, bacon, and potato chips.

We’re still not convinced, but noted down the place anyway.

The tour finished quite late, and we were starving. I also got a really bad headache and just wanted to eat something and go back to the hotel to rest. Fortunately this “salad” restaurant was close to where the tour finished. So we decided to go and try it out.

So we sat down, and we ordered. No, we could not bring ourselves to order from the salad menu.

I ordered confit duck leg, because I’ve been craving it.

My hubby doesn’t like cheese, so his options were quite limited. He ended up ordering Cassoulet (baked beans in rich tomato sauce with sausages & confit duck leg)

As we were waiting for our dinner to arrive, we saw the waitress walked pass with their salads, and our jaws dropped. Basically, what you see is a massive bowl, piled high with potato chips and crispy bacon bits. Not a single green leaf in sight (they’re all hidden under the pile of potato chips). Too late now, we would just have to order it next time.


The Cassoulet was amazing – rich, tomatoey, full of beans (not ideal for date night), and has lots of bacon bits in it. Also under that mountain of beans are delicious sausages and confit duck leg. Yum!

My duck? Not as amazing. It was dry and in need of some kind of sauce.

We left hankering for their salads….

Fast forward one year later…

We were back in Paris again on a small Europe trip with my mum in-law, and this restaurant is on our itinerary!

This time, I ordered their salad…..


See what I mean? This, is my kind of salad!

Hubby still ordered Cassoulet (still delicious), and my mum in-law ordered beef bourguignon (amazing)


We were full, but hubby insisted I should order the creme brulee, because I’ve been craving it. I crave for creme brulee on the following occasions: when I’m in a France, when I’m in a French restaurant, when I see a kitchen blowtorch, and when I see it on the menu. Not very often at all.


This creme brulee was beautiful – and we left the restaurant very happy.

The next time you’re in Paris, and if you find yourself near Montmarte at dinner time, go to Le Relais Gascon. Note: this is NOT a romantic dinner restaurant.

Menu, location, etc: http://www.lerelaisgascon.fr/