Trishna, Marylebone

Trishna is a Michelin star restaurant serving delicious Indian food. They do a variety of set menus – you can choose from tasting menu, express lunch, five course veg, five course non-veg, seven course veg, seven course non-veg, and so many more you end up spending forever studying the menus. We got a bit overwhelmed and decided to order from the a la carte menu instead.

We finished ordering from the a la carte menu. The waiter paused for a few seconds, and picked out one of the menus from the table and pointed at it. As it turned out, our orders were very similar to the Express Lunch menu, so it made sense to go with that instead. We also ordered an extra eggplant dish that we really wanted to try, and a bread basket (because the Express Lunch menu comes with rice, not bread)

The express lunch menu was just under £20 per person (£17 + service charge) – you get starter, main, dal, and basmati rice. It also comes with a glass of wine, which we swapped for Coca Cola.


  • While we wait: poppadoms and rice crackers, served with coriander chutney, prawn chutney, and apricot chutney.


  • Samosa chat – potato-filled samosa, topped with chickpea, onion, tamarind sauce, and crispy “noodles”
  • Baby squid deep-fried in light & crispy batter, topped with samphire, and mango spice paste


  • Andhra lamb masala – succulent pieces of lamb cooked in lots of spices & curry leaves. Lamb so tender, spices so flavourful – yum.
  • Magalorean chicken curry – a very nice chicken drumstick curry, meat just falls off the bone.


  • Baby aubergine cooked in tomato gravy with lots of spices, topped with desiccated coconut. We ordered too much
  • Hyderabadi dal. Needs salt.


  • Bread basket – took a while to turn up (I think the waiter forgot our order) – but it was worth the wait. Good bread = good life.

Trishna is not a fine dining restaurant, but it’s not a cheap and cheerful curry house either. They do delicious food and good service – great atmosphere, and just the right amount of formal-feel. We liked it a lot.

Menu, location, etc: