Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong

We LOVE dim sum. I get so excited when we go out for a dim sum lunch. You’re not just sitting there eating & talking with your lunch companions. You pour tea for each other, you pass the dim sum to each other, you discuss who does and doesn’t eat chicken feet, you cheer on as your comrade tries to pick up a Xiao Long Bao with the chopsticks without piercing the dumpling skin, and losing the lovely soup inside the dumpling. It’s so much fun.

We were in Hong Kong for a few days, and were keen to have at least one dim sum lunch. We asked a couple of Hong Kong friends for recommendations, and Tim Ho Wan came highly recommended.

They have a couple of branches, and we were told to go to the Olympian City branch. It’s a bit further out from town but it’s a lot less busy. We went there on our way back from Ngong Ping (where the big Buddha statue is) so it wasn’t much of a detour. We got there at about 3pm and we still had to wait for 30 mins, so I can’t imagine how busy the other branches would be.


Was it worth the wait? Absolutely.

The menu is not quite as extensive as the other dim sum places we’ve been to, but everything we ordered were top notch. They use fresh ingredients, the flavour is spot on, and you just want to order two of everything.


  • Ha Gao (prawn dumplings) and Siu Mai (pork dumplings), of course
  • Prawn dumplings – massive chunks of crisp & bouncy prawns, the dumpling sheets are translucent, elastic, and delicate. The best Ha Gao we’ve ever had.
  • Pork dumplings – a mouthful of perfect groud pork meat. Delicious.


  • BBQ pork rice roll – The rice roll sheet is heavenly, soft yet elastic, and just so delicately holding the BBQ pork pieces. You can see the pork pieces are merely contained by these lovely rice roll sheets. The sauce has the right saltiness & sweetness balance. So good.
  • Pork ribs – cooked with some fermented black beans. The meat is tender and falls off the bone. The ribs sit in this broth which is out of this world. Amazing.


  • Sticky rice steamed in lotus leaves, filled with lovely pork pieces and shiitake mushrooms. In hindsight, we should not have ordered this because it’s quite filling, which took up precious dessert space in our tummy. It’s a bit too much for 2 people to share, but if there are many of you then order it. It’s yum.


  • BBQ pork bun – perfectly baked with sugar-butter crispy top. Thin layer of buns, lots of gooey bbq pork filling – perfect bun-meat ratio. The star of Tim Ho Wan. Must order when you’re here. We ordered 2 plates between the two gluttons.

Despite the place being a Michelin star restaurant, the food price is very reasonable. Most importantly, everything is delicious. We can’t wait to go back!

Menu, location, etc: http://www.timhowan.com/