Nobu, Hyde Park Corner

Before we moved to London I used to see Nobu being mentioned in celebrity gossip magazines all the time. I thought the restaurant was in the States, and never thought I’d get a chance to try their food. So imagine my surprise when a foodie friend of ours invited us for dinner at Nobu, in London! I said yes without a blink.

The restaurant is everything I imagined it would be, and more. I felt like I’m in a cool kids club walking in to the restaurant. Tables and chairs don’t scream fancy pants, but the air about this place is very very cool. Great food, great service, and yes, it’s a bit pricey (but we expected it).


  •  Yellowtail Tartar with Caviar – I’m not normally a big fan of raw fish, but this was amazing. The yellowtail mince is super fresh. Surprisingly refreshing.
  • Ceviche – thinly sliced pieces of raw fish, marinated in citrussy sauce. Not my favourite.


  •  Salmon & prawn rice roll, served with gingery-citrussy sauce. Very fresh, very tasty.
  • Beef Toban Yaki – tender thick slices of beef, served in yet another amazing sauce/broth. Good good good.


  • Black cod with Miso glaze – this is what Nobu is famous for, and it’s pretty bloody amazing. This is our first time eating black cod, and it won’t be the last (please nobody tell me this is an endangered fish) – the fish flakes off into chunky moist pieces of lovely miso-flavoured fish. Heavenly. Must try. Bloody expensive though.


  • Assorted sushi – good sushi, nothing out of this world
  • Miso soup – good miso soup, nothing out of this world


  • Crème brulèe – the cutest of its kind, served in a tiny little espresso cup. Underneath the coffee-flavoured form is creme brulee, ice cream, and cruncy coffee cocoa.


  • They also have a bento box option – cheaper then the other set menu (but still quite expensive) – but you do get a piece of their signature black cod with miso. Not a bad choice if you’re not too hungry.

Nobu serves good quality & tasty food with top notch service. However, due to the high price tag we’re keeping this on the list of restaurants for special occasions.

p.s. it’s also great for celebs spotting 😉

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