The Glasshouse, Kew

This was our very first Michelin star restaurant experience. It was a day of memorable meal and great company – a fantastic affair.

The place is quite laid back, but the service was outstanding.

Amazing bread selection too. The first batch was freshly out of the oven, and the smell of warm bread just does something to your mood, it’s like a dosage of instant happiness.


  • Tagliatelle with hare and portobello mushroom, topped with prosciutto. Tagliatelle is cooked to perfection (obviously) and the sauce has the most beautiful intense flavour. I wish I could have this as main. Great start, and very excited about the next courses.
  • Hubby’s bouillabaisse. Again, gorgeous flavour in the seafood broth. Thoroughly enjoyed. I still think my pasta is better 🙂


  • Grilled lamb, served in thick slices – oh so very moist & tender. Served with a cute tiny piece of pie, and roasted carrots. De-licious.
  • Roast guinea fowl with potato gratin and saffron sauce. Yum.


  • Apple, pear, and berries sorbet
  • Tarte tatin with a scoop of pear sorbet
  • Salted caramel truffles

This place is NOT in Kew Garden, but is within walking distance to it. If you haven’t been to Kew Garden you should go and have a look. I’m not a plants & flowers kind of person, but I really enjoyed the place. And why not visit The Glasshouse for lunch while you’re there – they have special 3 course lunch menu on weekends.


  • Kew Garden. Pretty.

Menu, location, etc: