Flesh & Buns, Covent Garden

If you’re in Covent Garden and are craving for snack-y food, go and see if you can get a seat at Flesh & Buns. The restaurant is underground and is not a huge establishment. They also tend to be very busy, so make sure you book ahead if this is your plan A place.

We went to Flesh & Buns after reading about all the hypes. We had a massive lunch prior to this so we couldn’t order much as we were not very hungry.

We were seated on the long table in the middle with high stools. Feel a bit like you’re in a school canteen.


  • Chicken Yakitori with shichimi pepper. You can’t go wrong with flame-grilled meat really. Next.


  • Steamed buns for your “flesh” – these babies are so soft, so light, so fluffy. It’s like eating cloud. Delicious fluffy cloud.
  • They have a good variety of meat options from the “Flesh & Buns” menu. We ordered their signature braised pork belly version. Ah-mazing. Pork belly is cooked until super tender, served with miso mustard and pickle apple.

Each item from Flesh & Buns menu come with fresh lettuce and cucumber.

You take a bun, gently pry open the folds, carefully place some lettuce & cucumber inside. Then generously stuff it with the “flesh” of your choice. Add a little bit of pickle. Drizzle some sauce. Chow it down.

It’s like a DIY burger, only more fluffy. Delicate fluffy cloud burger.

These are actually quite filling, so don’t over order. The couple next to us wanted to order 3 flesh options, and the waitress kept telling them no. It would’ve been way too much for 2 people. Plus, you need to keep room for dessert!


  • Chocolate fondant with raspberry sorbet. Inside this unassuming looking chocolate cake is chocolate lava waiting to ooze out. Yum.


  • S’mores – their signature dessert. Everybody order it. A small bonfire is placed on the table for you to grill your marshmallows on. Once done to your liking, you make a sandwich by putting the grilled marshmallows between two biscuits with a sheet of green tea chocolate in the middle.


  • It’s a really fun & yummy way to end the meal. It can get messy with the marshmallow oozing out while you’re trying to eat it. But you must try it.

Menu, location, etc: http://www.bonedaddies.com/flesh-and-buns/