Sushisamba, Liverpool Street

We went to Sushisamba to celebrate my dear friend turning a tender age of thirty something.

Sushisamba is located in the Heron Tower, on a super high floor with great views of London city. The high-speed lift going up is quite an experience. When it first takes off, you’re thinking “oh, this is not so bad, looks like my fear of height is under control after all”. Then exactly 5 seconds later your hands become sweaty, your legs shaky, and I limped away from the brave outward-facing portion of the lift to stand closer towards the lift door, clutching on to my dear husband (who is not looking so peachy either). A few seconds were needed to calm my poor nerves after we got to the restaurant level.

Sushisamba’s menu comprises of a strange combination of Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian food (what?). Everything is on the menu is expensive.

However, you do get what you pay for (or at least I’d like to think). The service is outstanding (it’s one of those places where you get up from the table looking for the toilet, a waitress stopped whatever she was doing, walked you all the way to the restroom AND open the restroom door for you. That’s right) and the foods are fresh, good quality, and delicious.


  • Glazed pork belly with orange and pork crackling in lettuce wrap. Well cooked pork belly, tender & beautiful.
  • Mixed vegetables tempura with shichimi togarashi sprinkle


  • Calamari chicharron with plantain and tamarind sauce. Perfect texture paired with perfect sweet & tangy sauce. Yum.
  • Grilled foie gras with fried quail egg. Scrumptious.


  • Lamb chops robata


  • Grilled salmon with peruvian dark chocolate. Came highly recommended by a friend
  • Grilled eggplant with mustard miso. You can’t go wrong with eggplants really.


  •  Seafood chimichurri rice – very coconutty, very creamy, very filling, very nice. Unfortunately we were stuffed to the brim by the time this arrived (mainly because we’ve been eating the previous courses with rice)


  • Assorted flavour ice cream mochi
  • Special chocolate dessert plate for the birthday girl!

In hindsight, we should have tried their sushi. The restaurant name, after all, has sushi in it. Oh well, next time.

p.s. the journey back down the high-speed lift is not that much easier than the upward ride

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