Il Galeone, Sliema

We stumbled upon this restaurant as we were browsing for a dinner place in Sliema. What attracted us to the restaurant was the fact that nobody was standing outside with a menu trying to drag us in. We could take our time looking at the menu and decided without being pressured.

Il Galeone is a small cosy restaurant serving homely Italian food.


The food was nice & fresh – but could do with a little more salt.


  • Complimentary Bruschetta seems to be the norm in Malta – here the bread is perfectly toasted, light & crispy topped with chopped onions, tomatoes, and herb dressing. Served with pickled olives.
  • Soup of the day – so delicious and takes us back to the many Ligurian vegetable soups we had in Cinque Terre. Chunky vegetables cooked to perfect tenderness, slightly on the oily side, but apparently olive oil is good for you, no?


  • Simple bacon pasta with herbs – bits of fried bacon (you can’t go wrong with a bacon dish) nestled between perfectly cooked spaghetti. I don’t know how restaurants do this – I always struggle to serve my pasta with good meat-noodles ratio (first serving = lots of pasta, last serving = lots of meat). Simple & yummy. However, it’s very oily – there’s a pool of oil at the bottom of the bowl that freaked us out a little. Time for olive-oil-is-good-for-you chants again.
  • Scampi cooked in tomato base sauce – lots of little scampi in delicious tangy sauce. Finally a dish that’s not oily.sliema4
  • Side dish of baked potatoes & vegetables

They’re not the most amazing Italian food in the world, but I recommend it if you’re looking for a relaxing & romantic place for dinner that’s not touristy.

Menu, location, etc: