Ir-Rizzu, Marsaxlokk

We were in Malta for a long weekend, driving around taking in all the sights, seeing magnificent prehistoric structures, and enjoying the food. The weather was quite gloomy the whole time we were there, except for the last day when the sun decided to come out to play.

We decided to drive all the way to the south-east end of the island to a fishing village called Marsaxlokk.

This place is full of restaurants, all serving amazing looking seafood. We wandered around the market for a bit, tried the local date patries (yum), then decided it was time for lunch.

The first restaurant we went to was full.

And so was the second one.

I was getting nervous. I don’t want to be in this beautiful fishing village and have to go back to the airport and have McDonald’s!

The third restaurant we went too were also quite busy, but the owner (or waiter) said he’ll have a table for us in few minutes. We could tell he was trying to kick out these two girls who seem to have been there for a while. But he didn’t have the guts to actually do it (not that we condone such actions) and he kept telling us to wait a few minutes. So when he looked away, I sneaked over to the restaurant next door and asked if they have a table for two. The restaurant was also busy, but the waitress said yes she can get us a table. I told her I’d be right back.

I went back out and told my hubby to sneak away quietly & quickly. We looked so much like criminals I tell you.

malta3The restaurant is very cosy and has a family seafood restaurant feel to it. I don’t know exactly how to describe the feel, but we love it.


  • Starters – bread, beans, eggplant dip, and bruschetta (dripping with oil)


  • Seafood platter – grilled prawns, octopus, razor clams, mussels, stuffed squid, and mixed-seafood cake. Fresh seafood, with fresh lemon juice squeezed over – you’re in heaven


  • Our favourite pasta dish – spaghetti alla vongole (spaghetti with clams). Pasta cooked al-dente perfect. Plenty of clams. A bit too much olive oil, but otherwise it’s fantastic. Love love love

Unfortunately we did not have time for dessert, but their dessert cabinet looked good!

The owner guy is this chubby old Italian-looking guy. The whole time we were there, he just sat there writing out bills for each table, oblivious to anything that goes on around him. Really friendly & really cute!

Menu, location, etc: