Chicken Shop, Holborn

I love a good grilled chicken.

We were at Chicken Shop in Holborn for an early dinner – we almost missed the place because the restaurant is in the basement, and the only thing we saw was a small sign pointing to shut wooden doors.

The place is very dimly lit, with only two concentrated lighting – one from the stairways you walk down from, and the other from their massive grill flame.


The decor is super cute – walls are scratchy-white wood pallets, wood table, and sitting in a corner is a pile of logs (which is what they’re using to grill the chicken with!).

You don’t get a menu – they just have it all written on a blackboard (no paper waste – love it). You go up and order, then sit down and wait for your perfect chicken to arrive.

Still with my Nandos hat on, I asked if I have to choose a flavour. Nope, the chicken are “just grilled”, but you can season it further with the bottled sauces available on your table: hot sauce (pretty hot) and smokey sauce. All you have to decide now is how much chicken you want (whole, half, or quarter), sides, and drinks.


  • Chicken grilled to perfection. Meat so tender & juicy, with that heavenly smell of wood-fire flame grill. Squeeze lemon juice over these beauties, and drizzle/dip/soak them in the hot/smokey sauce combination of your liking
  • Sides of crinkle cut fries (cute delicious crispy things) and coleslaw (so so)


  • Hot sauce & Smokey sauce.
  • Fizzy drinks to make sure your artery is fully aware of what’s going on

chickenshop4We ordered a whole chicken + 2 sides between the two of us. This is too much even or big eaters like us). It would comfortably feed 3 people, or 4 smaller eaters.

This place is definitely giving Nandos a run for their money. Their pricing is slightly dearer than Nandos, but given the choice between the two I’d choose Chicken Shop purely for that wood fire smokey smell. I’d still go to Nandos obviously, I can’t trek all the way to Holborn everytime I crave grilled chicken.

Menu, location, etc: