The Cinnamon Club, Westminster

Ok, it’s my fault. I hyped myself up again.

I heard so many good things about The Cinnamon Club that it spiked my expectations way way high. It started out really well, I was excited about how pretty the venue is, loved the mango mocktail we ordered, and was so delighted about the delicious starters that my hubby had to tell me to not expect too much, just in case it goes downhill. Aaaaaand then it went downhill (hmmm, come to think of it, maybe he jinxed it).

Let’s start from the top


  • Such a pretty restaurant – library book shelves wrap around two upper walls of this high-ceiling dining hall (this place was previously the Westminster Library). The waitress said they’re removing everything in June and will give the place a new look.
  • The restaurant is very easy to miss. We walked pass it and had to backtrack. They only had a small brass plate in the front. Pretty sign, but not at all obvious.


  • Mango Fizz – mango puree, passion fruit syrup, lemon juice, and lemonade. Very refreshing. I love fizzy fruit juice.
  • Amuse bouche – deep fried crumbed potato with coriander & mint chutney. Crispy on the outside, delicious spiced potato pieces on the inside. Yum. So far so good.


  • Starter #1 – Tandoori cod fillet with carom seed. So much flavour on such thin layer of seasoning on the cod. Served with mango puree (looks like egg yolk) and green pea relish with a hint of wasabi.
  • Starter #2 – Spice crusted lamb fillet. These are some super tender chunks of meat, and so much flavour from being cooked in tandoori oven. Served with smoked paprika raita (yum) and coriander chutney (yum again).


  • Main #1 – Char grilled free range chicken breast with mace and cardamom, served with brown rice and mint chilli korma. Korma sauce is delicious, chicken breast is a bit dry, rice is a bit pudgy, and what is up with the presentation? It looks like something you get in a tourist-trap kinda restaurant, rather than a fine dining venue.
  • Main #2 – Spice crusted halibut with tomato tamarind sauce. Fish is again nicely grilled, the sauce is a bit too plain for my liking. Hubby enjoyed this one though. Served with steamed basmati rice (again, the presentation) and jaggery pickle.


  • Side dish of stir-fry cabbage and kale with curry leaf and coconut. Quite plain, but it grew on me. Hubby said it reminded him of a dish his mum used to make at home.
  • Multigrain roti

They also do (what appears to be) great value set menu, and a few other more expensive tasting menus.

Menu, location, etc:


  • Pretty buildings near the restaurant 🙂