Hutong, London Bridge

It’s certainly not cheap dining at Hutong, and the food will not be the bestest Chinese food you’ve had in your life (despite a few outstanding dish). What you do pay for is the atmosphere, the decorations, the service, and most importantly the sky-high view of the beautiful London.

We were there for a Peking duck special menu, which was part of MasterCard Priceless promotion. It was an extremely expensive lunch, but we haven’t been to the Shard before, and figured now is as good a time as ever.


Pretty right?


Four yummy dumplings per person:

  • Rosé Champagne shrimp dumpling
  • Scallop and pumpkin dumpling
  • Crystal crab meat dumpling
  • Vegetable & bamboo pith dumpling

hutong3We were given the drink choice of either:

  • Lychee cocktail – with squid ink!
  • Lychee mocktail – withOUT squid ink. Really nice and refreshing. Mine. Good choice.

hutong4Peking duck arrives! Carving happens right in front of our eyes. A “proper” Peking duck ritual, one may say?


Alas, my high hopes of the duck were not lived up to. The skin was not crispy, the pancake not soft, the condiments – well, you can’t possibly screw up hoi sin sauce and slicing up cucumber & spring onions.


The duck meat makes up the second course of Peking duck – stir-fried with red onions and capsicum, served with fresh lettuce leaves. Yum.


Egg white fried rice with scallop and spring onion. So good I wish I could pack the leftovers home.


Wunan-style cod fillet, served with crispy soya beans and chilli. O. M. G. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. The fish fillets are so tender, the texture contrast perfectly well with the crispy soya beans, and the chilli sends it home. So good I volunteered to eat the last unwanted piece (we were all too full at this point).

Hutong was great fun, and a great experience. Would I return to this place? Highly unlikely – my eyes are watering just thinking about the bill.

p.s. I didn’t end up taking any photos of the glorious views we paid the hefty price tag for. Funny that.

Menu, location, etc: