Vapiano, Southwark

Amazing freshly-made pasta, delicious wood fire oven pizzas, and fantastic dessert – that’s all I really ever want from an Italian restaurant. Vapiano offers all of the above on their reasonably-priced menu.


I was invited by zomato to join them and few lovely foodies for a feast at Vapiano. The evening was super fun, with so much food, and lots of food conversation – my kind of dinner!


The place operates like a canteen – you get given a plastic charge card as soon as you walk in. Each time you order something at the food station, you tap the card at the card reader, which loads the item amount onto the card. You pay the total amount on the card when you leave the restaurant. No hassle about splitting bills!


We started off with a plate of antipasti to share – yummy bruschetta, delicate thin slices of prosciutto, salami, and pepperoni, some roasted veggies, and buffalo mozzarella with pesto. Speaking of pesto, the place is scatterred with basil pot plants EVERYWHERE – it’s such a great idea. Their pesto is super yummy too (and now I want some more).


We then headed up to the pasta station, where you order your pasta. You pick a pasta dish (e.g. Arrabbiata, Carbonara), which can go with any types of pasta you like (e.g. Spaghetti, Penne). While ordering, you can also ask for the flavour to be tweaked to your liking (extra garlic – YES PLEASE, extra spicy – ABSOLUTELY!).


I tried their Salsiccia Con Fichi – that’s spicy Italian sausage with onions, fresh figs, and tomato sauce, extra hot of course 😉 with spelt spaghetti (which is supposedly healtier than the durum wheat pasta) and it was absolutely delicious! The pasta was cooked al-dente perfect and the sauce so flavoursome. YUM!


I was full to the brim when they brought out a few pizzas for us to try. I restrained myself for a little (because I’m a lady, and ladies don’t over-eat) but I gave in pretty quickly – it is afterall wood fire oven pizza, which I love. Boy, am I glad my self-control is so weak – it was so so so good! The base is so thin, the topping full of flavour, and the best part – you can smell the wood-fire-oven-ness as you take a bite. These pizzas take me back to Naples! Try the Caprese (fresh tomatoes + tomato sauce + basil + mozzarella) or Pesto Con Spinaci (fresh spinach + pesto cream sauce + marinated tomatoes + mozzarella).


Did I meantion I was full to the brim? I was ready to waddle home, but Vapiano had other plans for me. They brought out six types of dessert! While my mind was busy at self-control check point, my right hand grabbed a spoon and hover over these desserts like a hawk. I was ooh-ing and aah-ing at each bite. Crema di Fragola (Mascarpone cream with fresh strawberries) was my favourite. They also do some of these dessert in a small portion (£2.5 each) – which is perfec for me because I can never finish a whole portion of dessert!



  • Crema Di Fragola – Mascarpone cream with fresh strawberries. So light & refreshing.
  • Tiramisu della casa – Coffee & liquers with a blend of mascarpone, cream and cocoa. Light with a gentle hit of alcohol. Yum.
  • Panna Cotta with strawberry sauce, served in a cute jar
  • Cioccolata foresta nera – layers of white, milk, and dark chocolate with nutella, italian sponge fingers. Black forest in cloud form!
  • Death by chocolate – dense chocolate cake – for you chocolate lovers out there!
  • Baked cheesecake with strawberry sauce

I checked my skirt to make sure the seam did not burst because of my food baby, then waddled home happily.

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