Mahesh, Juhu, Mumbai

Before we went to Mumbai, we asked anyone and everyone who has at some point lived in Mumbai for food places recommendation. The consensus was that food is tasty pretty much anywhere, just be careful of the water – because dodgy water is the culprit for food poisoning! A number of these people would follow up with “Oh, but you MUST go to Mahesh! write it down! m-a-h-e-s-h, in Juhu, j-u-h-u. No, not too far from Mumbai. They serve really good seafood – YOU MUST GO!”

So “Mahesh in Juhu” gets added to our list of “things to do” in Mumbai

My hubby’s best friend + his missus + his sister took us there. Five people is a great number for seafood feast, six maximum. Any less than 6 and you won’t be able to order many dishes. Any more than 6 and you’ll end up having to order 2 portions of everything. There. You learned something today 😉

They serve their fresh seafood flavoured with mangalorean spices. I don’t know what’s in it – but they taste out of this world!


Who takes a photo of condiments & bread!?! Oh right, I do.


  • Masala Papad


  • Bombay duck


  • Clams sukka (dry curry with mangalorean spices and coconut) – one of the yummiest things I’ve eaten!


  • Pomfret tandoori


  • Crab sukka. AMAZING!!!!


  • Crab sukka on rice. BEAUTIFUL!


  • Lady fish curry

One of the best seafood meals in my life. Can’t wait to go back!!

Menu, location, etc: