Asia De Cuba, Covent Garden

Fantastic service, lovely venue, amazing small plates & ceviche, average mains, and scrumptious dessert. Menu is on the expensive side, but worth it for a special occasion.


This here, may look like a large cupboard to you, but is actually a concealed entrance into the bar area. Very cool.

Food is fusion between Asian & Cuban – I didn’t know what to expect, will it be like Nikkei cuisine? I half expected to hate the food (just because I’m not a big fan of fusion food) – but the meal turned out to be very pleasant!


  • Red Snapper Ceviche – seasoned with thai chili, red onion, cilantro. Served with a side of plantain chips. Really well seasoned. Super yummy.
  • Crispy Calamari salad, with banana, chayote, cashews, hearts of palm, and orange-sesame vinaigrette


  • Edamame and grilled corn salad, with black rice, tofu, and crispy chilies. Very bland. Considering how well they season everything, I wonder if someone in the kitchen forgot to add dressing to this one. hmmm.
  • Tunapica Tatare – taco-shaped crispy wonton, filled with flavourful tuna tartare and spanish olives, currans, toasted coconut, almond, and avocado ceviche. Amazing flavour & texture. This was voted winner starter of the evening!


  • Spicy beef crudo salad. Paper-thin beef slices, deliciously seasoned, served with spanish peanuts, pickled vegetables, mango, and avocado
  • Shrimp churros – light & airy churros made from shrimp paste. Served with beautiful dipping sauce made from sesame, jalapeño, thai coconut curry sauce.


  • Rocoto glazed black cod, served with orange mojo, and avocado poblano purée. Amazing.
  • Veal vaca frita – maduros, yuca, mushrooms, chinese broccoli, bean sprouts, veal jus

Sadly, the mains were not as amazing as the starters.


  • Barrio Chino Steak – 14oz scotch sirloin strip, glazed chinese eggplant, hearts of palm & edamame salad. Great piece of meat, cooked beautifully. A bit on the steep side at £50
  • Spicy Thai Coconut Curry Lobster, served with udon noodles, gai choy, sofrito, and thai chili. Slight let down – the lobster was cooked for too long so meat was a bit tough (£35 for half, £55 for whole)


  • El Lechon – cuban style slow roasted pork, maduros, black beans, fried rice, chinese eggplant & deep fried plantain, and lettuce cup. Comes with so many sauces: house hot, sweet sesame, and shiso mojo. £85 for so much food we couldn’t finish it – it’s big enough for 4-5 people to share.

Desserts were excellent.


  • Sweet potato bunuelos – cuban style doughnuts, spiced sugarcane syrup. SO GOOD.
  • Mexican Doughnuts – served with delicious caramel and thai chilli dipping sauce. AMAZING.


  • Tres Leches de Chocolate – chocolate szechuan peppercorn ice cream
  • Guava whipped layered cheesecake, served with coconut tuile, dehydrated tropical fruit

The waitress who looked after our table was superb – very helpful and genuine. She took the time to explain and answer questions. Because we were quite a big table (and busy talking) a few questions were repeated, but she answered them again without making a fuss. We felt really well looked after.

Menu, location, etc: