Chateau D’Agassac, Ludon-Médoc

Romantic dinner in a Chateau in France? Does it get any more romantic than that? Probably. But this was pretty damn romantic for me!

We dined at Chateau D’Agassac in Ludon-Médoc during our trip to Bordeaux.

Just check out how pretty the place is…


I mean… LOOK!


Ahhhhhh….. now….. for the food….

No, before we get to the food…. let’s check out the gorgeous dining room….




I’ll admit though… half way through dinner I went to the bathroom…. which is upstairs….. it’s a modern bathroom, but nobody was there, and I have a very active imagination. All the horror movies I’ve never watched are playing in my head. Let’s just say I’ve never gone to the toilet so fast in my life. I was practically running (gracefully of course) down the steps back into the dining room.

ok…. now food!

We opted for the 3 course menu with wine pairing.

The waiting staff didn’t speak much English (and why should they!) – and we didn’t speak much French… but it didn’t matter…. well it never really does with food!

Everything we had here was truly amazing – every tastes so fresh, and pack full with flavour.


Tomato gazpacho.

Well-balanced seasoning. Not too tomato-ey. Perfect perfect perfect.


Some kind of seafood dish.

We basically died and went to heaven with this one.


Truffle risotto

It was so good, I ate both portions.

Ok, well, here’s a thing. My hubby doesn’t like much any cream/butter/cheese. Most people would probably tell the restaurant that they’re lactose intolerant, but my hubby just lets the evening ride…. for 2 reasons: 1) he doesn’t want to bother the kitchen with his preference. He just hopes that the meal will be not too buttery (hello, we’re in France) and he’ll be ok with it, 2) He LOVES creamy dessert (chocolate cake, ice cream, mousse, etc.) and doesn’t want to miss out on these if they are on the menu.



So tender, so flavourful, so so so good

I did taste a bit of chinese-ness in this dish though – and on the way out, I took a peek at the kitchen, and just as I expected – an Oriental guy was assembling the duck. Ha!


Mango cheesecake.

Yup, I ate both portions.

dagassac10Other bits & bobs from dinner

dagassac11Lovely evening and very very much worth it.

Menu, location, etc: