Le Relais de Venise L’Entrecôte, Soho

Steak and frites anyone?

These guys only have one set menu for the main course : you only need to tell them how you’d like your steak done, keeping it simple : rare, medium, or well done.

No, you canNOT ask for a medium rare. It’s either a medium, or it’s a rare. Nothing in between will be entertained.

The restaurant interior…

You first start with a plate of green salad, with secret dressing, and walnuts…. and some baguette slices. Yum!

Then comes the first portion of your steak and frites

The steak is cooked beautifully, and are drenched in this “secret” sauce of theirs. The fries are perfect – you kinda can’t stop eating them.

Then, when you’re almost done with the first portion….. the lovely waitress arrives promptly with the second portion of your steak.

…and yes, you can have more fries!

The meal is actually quite filling, but we wanted to try dessert.

After much discussion, I managed to convince my husband to split a dessert between the two of us (despite being full to the brim, he wanted a dessert each).

We settled on “Le Vacherin du Relais” – which is basically a massive tower of meringue, hazelnut ice cream, praline ice cream, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. Heaven.

Menu, location, etc: http://www.relaisdevenise.com/