Benares, Mayfair

Benares is a Michelin star restaurant, in the heart of Mayfair, serving up delicious Indian fusion dishes. Everything taste amazing. Every damn thing taste heavenly.

I love everything about this restaurant – except for the entrance process. Basically, from the moment you walk through the door, every staff you walk pass will greet you with a “namaste”, with full-on hands gesture and everything. I just didn’t know what to do, except smiling back (which they can’t see because they’re bowing their head) and saying hi. Awkward much?

Here’s the pretty dining room…

Pretty pretty pretty…

  • Mini poppadoms and three kinds of condiments – poppadoms tasted microwaved, rather than deep fried. Still yummy though
  • Amuse bouche : chickpea flour cake cube – great texture & flavour. Promising start to the meal!

  • Bhatti spiced lamb pasanda, smoked aubergine puree, grilled gem lettuce. THAT LAMB IS TO DIE FOR. arrrrggggghhhh so good
  • Oyster pakoda, with tellicherry pepper and tamarind rasam. Lovely flavour & texture combination – unfortunately, nothing is going to beat that amazing piece of grilled lamb sent straight down from heaven at this point.

  • Pan-roasted sea bream, aloo paliya, coconut and kokum sauce – the skin is cripsy, the flesh is tender, the potato is smooth, the sauce is perfectly flavoured. PERFECT.
  • Chettinad chicken supreme, leaf spinach, fennel, pepper and caramelised onion puree – chicken so moist, and look at that perfect char mark…. and the sauce…. i’m crying a little when thinking back about how perfect this dish was.

  • Tadka dal, basmati rice, tandoori naan

We were full… but my hubby convinced me we had room for dessert….

  • Gulab jamun brulee – seriously scrumptious – slices of gulab jamun lay at the bottom, covered in rich creamy custardy mixture. Perfect way to finish the meal. I would’ve licked the bowl if I was eating this at home.
  • Date and sticky toffee pudding, with bay leaf ice cream – pudding is sweet & sticky & rich, the ice cream has a lovely hint of bay leaf. Bay leaf ice cream? Who knew!

Menu, location, etc: