Barrafina, Soho

Supposedly the best tapas outside of Spain. The food is definitely tasty, but I can’t say it’s the best outside of Spain. It’s on the expensive side though – probably normal-ish by London Soho standard, but very much expensive compared to tapas in Spain.

The queue is long. We were there 15 mins before dinner service starts, and there was already a massive queue. We got the last inside seats. There’s a handful of seats available outside.

Service is amazing. Despite being crazy busy, the waiters explained all the items in patiently, and never made us feel rushed.

Tinto de verano … ahhhh

Clams with garlic, olive oil, and parsley. Very tasty, and the clams are quite big.

Octopus with capers. Really tender pieces of octopus, well seasoned with paprika, served with plenty of capers.

Courgette flower, filled in creamy soft goat’s cheese, and deep fried to perfection

Here’s a peak at the inside softness goodness cheeseness

Milk-fed lamb sweetbreads, in the most amazing sauce in the whole wide world. Again with plenty of capers. I would’ve licked the plate, but we had window seats and there were people outside.

Bunuelos de Bacalao – deep fried cod & potato mixture. Way too salty. We should not have ordered this. Should’ve stopped at the sweetbreads!

The queue!

Menu, location, etc: