Vaaghals, Oslo


Our friend recommended this place for a catch up. It’s a really nice relaxed setting. Spacious area, open kitchen, and a very modern feel.

They serve food fusion Norwegian food. Everything tastes fabulous!

It’s a short walk from the train station, and is just around the corner from the opera house.

First, some bread and some truffle whipped butter

I can’t get enough of these Norwegian crisp breads. So thin & yummy!


The best most amazing piece of veal I’ve ever eaten (so far). It’s so tender, so juicy, so flavourful. I could’ve eaten 3 more. I would’ve

…and the sauce was perfect

…and the vegetables, well, they were vegetables. The veal though.

A side of potato gratin.

What doesn’t go well with potato gratin.

Hubby’s cod was very well cooked…. came with a pile of very tasty foam

The poor guy doesn’t like foamy stuff lol. You should’ve seen him partitioning his fish away from the foam, with such polite & calmness lol

Bless him for going out eating all these nice food with me, when he would’ve been perfectly happy with some hot dogs & gelato.

For dessert: my friend had apple crumble

A delicious piece of art.

Scrumptious toffee pudding with cinnamon ice cream

This made hubby very happy

There are also seating outside, which I’d imagine would be quite lovely on a sunny day 🙂

Menu, location, etc: