Meet the Meat, Toulouse

Meet the meat is an awesome place serving awesome meat.

It’s got the steak house feel, and the waitresses are super cool.

I mean, they’re French, so they’re cool by default, but I had a small girl crush on them. Like, I want to be cool like them.

They were quite busy when we got there, so we couldn’t get a table inside. It was getting quite cold, we weren’t so sure about sitting outside, but we were also hungry.

Did we risk getting a cold just to eat good steak?

Yep, we did.

Here’s the menu

The waitress must’ve listed & translated the steak sauces to us about 5 times lol

“What was the third one again?”

“No, sorry, I mean, what was the second one?”

“Not that one, what was the fourth one?”

I don’t know how she did it, or why she put up with us.

But she did.

Salade d’émincés de Gésiers de Canard

Salad of cured duck gizzards. Tasty.

Salade de Ravioles fraîches au parmesan et Basilic de “Chez Betty”

Chez Betty’s salad with parmesan raviolis

Those deep fried raviolis are amazeballs

Meet them meats

Cuts & done-ness to your liking

They have Entrecote of various weights

They also do beef tartare (which we did not order)

All the steaks are served with this amazing potato gratin dauphinois

I initially had a why-is-my-gratin-pile-smaller-than-yours moment when comparing my pile to my friends’ piles

Then half way through, it became clear there was just too much food

I was struggling to finish my steak!

By this time, it was quite late – and it was getting a lot colder than before. We did not have proper jackets with us.

“Shall we get the bill?”

“Yes, let’s get the bill.”

“Excuse me…. hi, could we see the dessert menu please”

Chocolate marquise with liqueur custard


Pistachio ice cream with raspberry sauce and biscuits

Complimentary liqueur shots.

I knocked mine over, spilling everywhere. Nothing new there.

Menu, location, etc: