Kurobuta, Marble Arch

Japanese restaurant in Marble Arch (they have another branch in Chelsea) serving small-plate dishes.

The restaurant is casual, and the food is cooked well and beautifully seasoned.

The waiting staff are young and some of them seem slightly unprofessional. Maybe it’s a bit hard to get the balance right between being cool without being impolite, like fully blocking the walkway when the customer is trying to get through. This is NOT the attitude of ALL staff – our waiter was absolutely delightful – funny, polite, and offered honest recommendations.

Another let-down is the extortionate price of rice and miso soup. Steamed rice is £5 a portion! Same with miso soup.

I asked the waiter how big the rice portion is – he said it’s a small bowl

I couldn’t bring myself to order one to see how big or small it is, or how delicious it is. Maybe it comes with gold leaf. Maybe it’s miracle rice which cures cancer. Maybe it makes you fart rainbow or gives you orchid-scented poop. We will never know.


Casual settings

The food is divided in sections of cold, crunchy, junk, robata BBQ, “significant others”, and maki

From “Maki” section : Spicy Tuna Rolled in Tempura Crunchies

The tempura bits on the top add a lovely crunchy texture to the sushi.

The red sauce on top is punchy & spicy.


 From “Crunchy” section : Black Pepper Soft Shell Crab Tempura with Chuka Wakame


Soft shell crab pieces are deep fried with light airy batter, served on a bed of green seaweed, topped with tangy & spicy sauce. OMG.

From “Robata BBQ” section : BBQ Pork Belly Buns with Peanut Soy

Chunky pieces of pork belly, tender & charred – sandwiched in a hirata bun bun which has been grilled or fried.

Served with delicious sweet & salty peanut sauce.

From “Maki” section : Shrimp Tempura Dragon Roll with Unagi Sauce and Soba Crunchies

All maki should come with some kind of crunchies from now on.

Everything is more awesome with crunchy bits sprinkled on top. Fact.

From “Significant Others” section : Nasu Dengaku – Miso Baked Aubergine with Candided Walnuts and Sancho Pepper




The texture (soft, silky, melting) and the flavour (miso-ey, sweet, salty, comforting).


Burnt Honey Ice Cream, Honey Crunch, Pistachio Cake & Japanese Suntory Whisky Jelly

A disappointing finish to the meal.

The cake is nice enough & has strong pistachio flavour. The honey crunch is nice by itself. The jelly is yummy. The ice cream was very thick & pastey. The raspberry & blackberry were…. well, berries.

Together, they’re nothing to write home about.

Menu, location, etc: http://www.kurobuta-london.com/