Ametsa with Arzak Instruction, Belgravia

One michelin star restaurant in the pretty suburb of Belgravia. They serve Basque cuisine in a fine dining setting.

The food is delicious, the restaurant romantic, and the service is faultless.

The restaurant is located at boutique hotel COMO The Halkin

Inside the hotel, the cutest front of restaurant

…and the coolest restaurant setting inside. It’s just all very pretty!

We were given a cute table, overlooking a small inner courtyard.

Now, for the food…

Warm crusty-on-the-outside-soft-pillowy-on-the-inside bread

We start with 3 starters to share… tapas-style

Bacalao con Patatas : Fish and Chips

Light & crispy batter keep the fish hot, moist, and steamy. Served with thin delicate potato chip twirls.

Brochetta de Vacuno en Ascuas : Beef Skewer on Embers

Grilled beef cubes are tender, smeared with perfectly flavoured salsa.

The dark blobs that are “embers”, when cut open reveals soft yellowish root vegetable

Cuajada de Guisantes e Idiazabal : Green Pea “Cuajada” with Idiazabal

I wasn’t a big fan of this one, the pea puree was a bit too grainy for my liking. If it was smoother & softer, I may have enjoyed it more.

But then again, I’m not a big fan of green peas, so it’s probably just me.

Now, to the main course…

Carrilleras de Cerdo en su Tinta : Pork Cheek in Black Sauce

Tender-flaky-juicy pork cheek cooked to perfection, served with delicious black ink sauce.

Bacalao y Petalos de Ajo : Cod and Garlic Petals

The cod is grilled beautifully, the sauce is delicious, and look at how gorgeous & colourful those garlic petals are!

Tizones de Coco Ahumado : Charred Sweets

The sphere encases smoke and delicious soft milky bread dessert. The powder tastes like black sesame.

Rosquillas de Anis : Anise Doughnuts

What looks like a miniature donut is actually edible casing filled with apple puree, spiked with sloe gin.

Refreshing, tangy, and delicious. I would’ve licked the plate if no-one was looking.

Menu, location, etc: