Les Papilles, Paris

Les Papilles is a cute bistro on Rue Gay-Lussac.


We were there on a very warm summer day. Luckily, they had a few fans going, so it was bearable.

They do a four course lunch (starter, main, cheese, dessert) for 38 Euros


Some fresh crusty bread and house red to start


For first course, we had cold cauliflower soup

Each diner gets a bowl of “bits” : cauliflower pieces, croutons, crispy bacon, a big dollop of cream, and fresh herbs

… then the giant bowl of soup arrives


You ladle the soup over your “bits”

The soup was very smooth and creamy and refreshing.

Perfect for a hot summer day.


Well, the soup was perfect for me.

It was too creamy for my darling husband. So he nibbled on the bits without touching the soup. The waitress was really concerned when she came to collect our plates, we had to repeatedly assured her not to worry about it.

After that I felt the chef was observing him, not so subtly, from the kitchen lol

Here’s a random photo of the pretty steps from downstairs.


For second course, a massive pan of beef stew

Two humongous pieces of beef, in dark rich delicious stew gravy.

It has loads of vegetables too: whole baby potatoes, chunky carrots, and mangetout.


The raw onions added a nice punch

This stew was exactly what we were hoping for. It was hearty & delicious. The kind of flavours I try to replicate at home (but not yet successful)


The meat was well braised. Tender and flaky and full of flavour.

The potato soft but firm, and goes perfectly with the gravy.

And that gravy.

That gravy.


The portion was a bit too big for two (and we are big eaters!)

We wanted to mop up all the gravy with bread & potato, we just couldn’t – knowing we had two more courses to go.

Here’s another photo of the restaurant. How pretty is this place.

Look at those tiles!


Which brings us to the third course….. the cheese course

We had blue cheese (rich, but strangely not stinky) and prunes (plump & juicy) and a drizzle of I don’t know what. All I know is they all go so well together.

My hubby doesn’t like cheese, so they kindly gave him a plate of salad lol. He said the dressing was quite yummy, but it tasted like just balsamic vinegar to me.


And now, the last course – le dessert

My non-cheese eating hubby told the waitress not to bring him any dessert because he doesn’t eat Panna Cotta.

The poor waitress looked worried again

She tried to convince him that their Panna Cotta is not like anywhere else, and maybe he wants to try a little bit? Maybe he’ll like it?

No thank you, he said. He’s quite full.

Concerns level in her eyes increased.

We told her please not to worry.

She hesitated, studied us…… then asked does he like chocolate

He told her again not to worry. He’s already full anyway.

I chimed in, yes, he likes chocolate.

She said ok, then went to the kitchen

We anticipated he’ll get chocolate buttons for dessert (this has happened before in a fine dining restaurant, where he was served a bowl of delicious chocolate buttons for dessert lol)

Instead, he got a delicious dark chocolate mouse with some biscuit crumbs. The mousse was very rich and thick – and he was a happy boy.


I had the regular panna cotta, with mango jelly with mango pieces at the bottom, and mango sauce at the top.

The panna cotta was extra light and jiggly.

It was soft and smooth, not too sweet, and goes perfectly with the mango components.


They have a big communal table downstairs (where the toilet is).

Even down here, the space is really pretty

Menu, location, etc: http://www.lespapillesparis.fr/