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How to Make “Ho Fun” Flat Rice Noodles เส้นใหญ่ เหนียวนุ่ม

Makes approx 400g fresh noodles

100g Rice Flour
50g Tapioca Flour
300g Water
25g Vegetable Oil, for brushing


100 กรัม แป้งข้าวเจ้า
50 กรัม แป้งมัน
300 กรัม น้ำสะอาด
25 กรัม น้ำมันพืช


“Ho Fun” Flat Rice Noodles

Course None
Cuisine Chinese, Thai
Keyword Ho Fun, Noodles
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Servings 400 g


  • 100 g Rice Flour
  • 50 g Tapioca Flour
  • 300 g Water
  • 25 g Vegetable Oil for brushing


  • Mix rice flour and tapioca flour
  • Gradually add water while stirring. Add just enough to make a think paste and keep stirring until mixed throughly. and there are no more dry bits.
    Stir in the remaining water
  • Leave for 2 hours, stirring thoroughly every 30 mins
  • Lightly brush oil on a pan
  • Setup steamer on high heat

Repeat from here

  • Place pan in steamer
  • Give the batter a vigourous stir and pour 1mm layer of the mixture on the pan
  • Wait a few seconds for the mixture to cling to the pan and then carefully tilt the pan so batter covers any gaps
  • User the back of the spoon to cover any smaller gaps
  • Cover and steam for 4 minutes
  • Remove for heat. Place on an upturned bowl for easy rotate. Leave to cool for 2 minutes
  • Brush the noodle sheet genoursly with oil
  • Loosen the edges on the noodle sheet
  • Brush oil on plate where noodles will rest or the previous noodle layer
  • Peel noodle sheet from the pan and place on oiled plate
  • Remove left over noodle sheet from the pan
  • Repeat